Discover our dairy universe

At Farm Dairy, we are committed to quality, innovation and sustainability in every product. From daily fresh milk, delicious yogurt and creamy custard, to innovative plant-based varieties - we deliver products that not only taste good, but also do good.

Farm Dairy is synonymous with freshness. Our range of fresh dairy products, including milk, yogurt and custard, is carefully produced using only sustainable milk with labels such as "On the way to PlanetProof" and "Better for Nature & Farmer. The milk is collected daily from the farmers and is often in the supermarket within 1-2 days. In dairy cartons or our user-friendly, easily recyclable 2L cans.

Sustainability doesn't stop at fresh. Our long-life dairy products offer the same high quality and taste, packaged in convenience. With advanced preservation techniques, we ensure that our long-life milk stays fresh for a long time, without sacrificing taste or nutritional value. Of course, we also use only sustainable milk streams for our long-life dairy products, such as 'On the way to PlanetProof' and 'Better for Nature & Farmer'.

Plant-based has the future and at Farm Dairy, we are embracing this future with a range of plant-based alternatives for milk, yogurt, custard and barista. We do this as much as possible with locally grown raw materials; sustainable and nearby. With balanced nutritional value and simply delicious.

Sustainable raw materials

Our raw materials and ingredients are carefully selected to respect both our planet and your health. Dutch milk with always a label such as 'On the way to PlanetProof' and 'Better for Nature & Farmer'. Certified cocoa (Rainforest Alliance). And locally grown raw materials for our vegetable assortment.


Quality in every suit

Quality is more than a word to us, it is our signature. In every product of our range, we merge our commitment and craftsmanship with the best ingredients to make the tastiest and best products.