About us

Trusted force in the private label sector

For a quarter century, Farm Dairy has been the trusted force in the private label sector, a specialist you can rely on for both fresh and long-life dairy from sustainable milk streams as well as plant-based dairy alternatives.

We stand for customization and partnership, focusing on your unique needs and translating them into products with superior value for money. Together with you, we seize the opportunities in the dynamic world of dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives.

Our offer

Our range is rich and diverse: from milk to yogurt and custard. Always from Sustainable milk streams provided with labels such as 'On the way to Planetproof' and 'Better for Nature & Farmer'.

And our plant-based products? Those are an essential part of what we offer today, developed with your consumer in mind and made to meet the growing demand for sustainable and ethical choices.

At Farm Dairy, we are not only committed to quality and sustainability, but also to continually innovating your assortment. Together, we will strengthen your brand with responsible and progressive products. Shall we join forces?


At Farm Dairy, we are proud of our labels, which affirm our commitment to quality, sustainability and ethical standards.